Andrew Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Taylor is chief executive officer of Collabco Ltd and a member of the company’s board of directors. He joined Collabco in 2018 with an unprecedented amount of expertise in sales in the education market and a passion for driving forward the success of myday. Since joining Collabco, Andrew has worked to share Collabco’s strategy and vision with customers, partners, shareholders, and investors.

Andrew manages the corporate direction and strategy at Collabco and is responsible for ensuring that we continue to grow and provide an outstanding service to our customers around the globe. With plans to reach out to many more institutes across Europe and beyond, the knowledge Andrew brings is critical for the next phase of Collabco's achievements. He brings a deep level of industry knowledge gained from working in a number of senior functional and strategic roles, so is well placed to position Collabco as a leading company within the technology sector.

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