UniWellBeing Announces Collaboration With Collabco

UniWellBeing integrates with Collabco’s “myday” digital platform to build positive student mental health and wellbeing.


UniWellBeing, a leading health-tech company, that specialises in student wellbeing, has recently joined forces with Collabco to embed its digital wellbeing platform with Collabco’s “myday” app. This joint collaboration will enable institutions to launch their own personalised tile on the myday platform, providing students with simplified access to digital wellbeing support services via the UniWellBeing platform.

Hugh Griffiths, Founder and CEO of UniWellBeing said, “The demand for student mental health and wellbeing services is at an all-time high. In these challenging times, institutions need, more than ever, to empower all students to have access to wellbeing support, from anywhere, on any device, and in a secure way. We’re delighted to be working with Collabco to deliver the easiest and most engaging way for students to make wellbeing part of their daily life.” The collaboration will help students build positive habits, coping skills and resilience and make them feel even more connected to university life by accessing UniWellBeing from a “tile” within the myday app.

UniWellBeing integrates with the myday student app to deliver the right wellbeing advice, to the right student, at the right time. Andrew Taylor, CEO of Collabco said, “We collaborated with UniWellBeing to make it simpler for institutions using the myday student app to engage with their students and empower them to take control of their wellbeing. Not only can students find all the information they need about timetables, events, and their university accounts in one place, every student has immediate access from their university app to a personalised wellbeing programme.”

York St John University has already provided positive feedback about the collaboration. Today, students have access to a personalised wellbeing programme from their MyYSJ app. Debbi Boden-Angell, Director: Student Life at York St John said, “We recognise the need to place our emphasis on building resilience, prevention and self-help to support student wellbeing. We also appreciate that today’s students are ‘digital students’ and see their mobile device as a constant companion. So, enabling students to proactively access digital wellbeing support from the MyYSJ app and making it available in the palm of their hand is invaluable.”

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