Travelling the world with Collabco, one country at a time!


Welcome to Collabco’s face behind the logo series, where we give you an insight into the people behind myday. This time, we sat down with our International Business Executive, Adam. He spoke about how he joined the company, travelling the world as part of his role and the hardships of being the only Evertonian in the office!

Q – When did you join Collabco and what attracted you to the company?

A – I joined Collabco exactly two years ago this month! I had applied for the role on LinkedIn and received a message back asking if I was able to come in for an interview. I sat down with Tracy and Matt and fell in love with the culture straight away.

Now two years down the line I am still as passionate about the company and what we do as ever, everyone has taught me so much and the hands-on approach makes every day exciting. It’s fast-paced and tough-going, but it’s the best company I’ve ever worked for and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Q – Did you go to university and what was your experience with education technology when you attended?

A – Yes, I did a BA in Journalism at Worcester University (although they didn’t have myday at the time) and then did an MA in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire.

I loved them both for different reasons, a chance to live away from home and meet new people for my honours and then a chance to really understand the sector doing a masters. With regards to technology, it was quite limited with the options available. The likes of printer balances and access to the VLE was quite a painful task.

But speaking to friends who used myday at Worcester afterwards, that all changed once the platform was implemented!

Q – Why did you decide to move away from Journalism and into Marketing?

A – I always had a love for content creation. Whether that was writing, interviewing or creating videos I wanted to display information in any way possible. When I realised that maybe journalism wasn’t my fit, I wanted a career that allowed me to do that but have a really creative way of doing so.

That’s why I went into Marketing. Creating campaigns to deliver the best experience possible and displaying that to prospects and customers is amazing, and I love doing it.

Q – You have recently moved from Marketing into Business Development, why did you make the change and what are the differences?

A – It all came about from a conversation with our CEO, he had done a similar role and from his experience, suggested that I would enjoy the role and had the skillset to do so.

Working closely with him and our Sales Director, I moved into the role recently and have been loving it. I still work closely with marketing and utilise the experience I have built up doing that. It allows me to generate interest and tell people around the world how amazing myday is!

Q – You have done a lot of travelling since being at Collabco, what are your favourite places to visit?

A – I have been so lucky to do a fair bit of travelling over my two years here. Whether it’s events, customer visits or meeting prospects.

The obvious ones are the likes of America and Australia which were my first-time experiences in both countries, but one that I was really surprised by was Latvia. I visited one of our customers Riga Stradins University and got to spend a few days there. It was steeped with tradition and a really beautiful place to explore.

Q – What do you do in your spare time?

A – I love Football. Whether it’s watching it, talking about it on my podcast, studying it or playing it. I spend most of my spare time immersed in the game. Sometimes I’d love to be able to switch off (as an Evertonian) but I wouldn’t/couldn’t change it for the world.

Other than that, enjoying nights in and nights out with my friends, family and girlfriend are a massive part of my life. Good food is something else that makes me happy and combining the two is amazing.

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