Meet Owen our Marketing Executive!

  • How long have you worked at Collabco and what attracted you to the company?

My first day at Collabco was the 14th June, so I am approaching my second month here! From my first interview I knew this was the place for me because I believed in myday as a product, this is important to me because, having that passion and fascination behind me showed me how much I wanted to be part of Collabco.

  • What are some of your previous roles and how do they compare to your current one?

When I left school I was unsure of the right career path for me, so I studied animal science, however I soon discovered this wasn’t the career I wanted to pursue. Prior to Collabco I worked at Chester Zoo as a food & beverage assistant, once I became aware of the world of digital marketing I completed a variety of online courses in Marketing and got myself a job working as a volunteer marketing assistant at a charity called Dial West Cheshire. I worked on some really interesting projects here and I have carried my knowledge and skills picked up along the way and use them everyday here at Collabco. I like to think my past experiences will enable me to grow as a person and with Collabco going forward.

  • When it comes to developing a product, how important is having the buy-in from customers?

Hearing the feedback from Colleges and Universities is rewarding because it demonstrates the quality of myday and the positive impact it has on students. Receiving buy-in from customers is also vital in the development of the myday app, when our team listen to the feedback and take this on board when updating the app, myday just gets stronger.

  • What do you believe to be the future of myday as a product and education technology overall?

The future for Collabco is exciting and I am so happy to be part of that. Since I started I have already seen elements of myday grow and improve, so the scale to which it could potentially expand is amazing, I would love to see Collabco expand into even more territories.

  • What excites you about working for Collabco and what are your favourite things about the job?

I am excited about the transition into Ready Education. I can’t wait for the opportunities this will bring for everyone involved. There is a great work culture here, everyone has been so helpful and welcoming, I love my job role and I love working on different things each day!

  • Name your 3 favourite features within myday?
  1. I love how myday can be personalised for each individual, students can make it their own, something which really makes myday stand out in my opinion.
  2. What makes myday powerful is the fact the app can be accessed anywhere anytime, so if students are on the move or studying from home due to the pandemic they will still share the same myday experience.
  3. The ability for HE institutions to analyse the usage of the portal, enables them to make appropriate changes to keep students engaged.
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I love travelling! The best places I have been are Thailand, Mexico and New York. Whilst I was in Thailand I had an amazing experience where I got the chance to swim with elephants!





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