Meet our first Dutch employee, Eveline, who is fuelling our growth in Europe


Welcome to Collabco’s face behind the logo series, where we give you an insight into the people behind myday. This time we sat down with our new Business Development Manager, Eveline. She spoke about why she joined the company, her account management experience with higher education institutions across Europe and how she likes to Stand Up Paddleboard in Amsterdam’s River IJ.

Q – How long have you worked at Collabco and what attracted you to the company?

AI have been with Collabco just over a month. The sleek looking student portal is what attracted me the most. myday is a simple, flexible platform which gives access to all the relevant information from different systems that the student needs. A clear addition to every higher education institution. Furthermore, during my interview the instant click with Andrew [Taylor, CEO] and Daniel [Taylor, Sales Director] and our shared drive, energy, and international outlook made it a no brainer, Collabco was my next step in my career. As a product, myday is simple and flexible and every European institution needs it.

Q – What are some of your previous roles and how do they compare to your current one?

A In my previous role I spent 5 years as a European Account Manager in the EdTech sector working with higher education institutions in Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, and Switzerland helping them resolve their timetabling and resource issues. Before that I worked in the Energy sector with multinationals tackling their Global Energy Procurement Strategies by selling them Global Energy Consultancy Services. I think the biggest difference with my previous roles is that I will see the effect at the university of myday from the first interest to the onboarding in a shorter time than other software packages I have previously sold. And customers do not have to ask the supplier for every little thing they want to change in the software because they can do it themselves. In some cases, they do not even need a technical colleague to help them manage/use myday.

Q – When it comes to developing a product, how important is having the buy-in from customers?

AMany software companies just develop products because they think they know what the market needs. At Collabco we have built a hybrid solution that includes many customer ideas which I think is the best of both worlds; an out-of-the box solution with development features for the university’s IT team. Sometimes, during the onboarding process customers will have additional requests, which we can sometimes include during the implementation.

Q – What do you believe to be the future of myday as a product and education technology overall?

A – More and more universities are realising, especially during the pandemic, that students need more than SharePoint, intranet, and communications via email. The number of digital software packages is increasing more than ever. Universities and their students’ not only need access to the VLE, their personal timetable and the course information anymore. myday offers a future-proofed digital campus solution with real-time scheduling changes alerts, updates from the VLE, the university library, and campus wide news updates – all in one place, on any device.

Q – What excites you about working for Collabco and what are your favourite things about the job?

A The enthusiasm during company meetings even during this pandemic. Constant new things in different departments, critical thinking and always wanting to be better.

Telling prospective customers how great myday is and how it will help them communicate better and more effectively to their future, current, and alumni students.

Q – What are your 3 favourite features within myday?

A –
1.personalisation and flexibility for the user and the administrators. You can have a different looking dashboard for each department to make the students and staff feel at home.

2. The look and feel on literally every type of device. Not only does the platform work brilliantly on a mobile device it also looks great. During class most students are on their laptop or tablet so therefore the platform needed to work well on those devices as well. It really is a platform for any device.

3. The different types of communication via the banner, tiles, and the newsroom. myday offers complete flexibility; it can send personalised notifications, campus wide news alerts, notifications on timetable changes, library books being due, low credit in the university accounts etc.

Fun fact about Eveline: As a child she sold most of her toys to the neighbourhood kids. These days she likes to swim and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) in the IJ near her house in Amsterdam in her spare time.

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