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Welcome to Collabco’s face behind the logo series, where we give you an insight into the people behind myday. This time, we sat down with Collabco’s Business Development Manager, Daniel Taylor.

Q – So Dan, how long have you been at Collabco and what attracted you to the company?

A – I have been at Collabco since May 2019, so not long at all yet. For a long time, I have wanted to experience working in an SME, as I have worked in large corporations for my entire career to date, it’s something which has really grabbed my attention over the last few years. Collabco seemed from the outside a very exciting place to be, making great progress within the education sector with an excellent product and with what I have now learned is a fantastic team! When the opportunity arose to further build on the product, skills, and experience of the team into markets beyond education, I simply couldn’t resist, who could!?

Q – Why did you choose to pursue a career in digital healthcare?

A – Healthcare is something very close to me and my family, in my immediate family I have 2 GP’s, a Nurse and a Practice Manager. But, it’s not just family that attracted me to Healthcare. It’s the desire to do something good for everyone, something which not only has a positive effect but also is tangible. For a long time, I’ve struggled seeing how the business changes I have been implementing are positively impacting people’s lives. I think this is common in the private sector and more so in large companies where your direct input can often seem diluted. When I have reflected on what those around me are doing, not only those in the healthcare profession but those in policing and the charity sector too, I realised that I needed to do more. By moving to Collabco and by steering us into creating amazing digital health products, I know that we can create some real and positive change for patients all over the world. Whether that’s building a health application, streamlining working practices or providing personalised health services – we can influence and improve people’s lives.

Q – What are some of your favourite experiences working in the healthcare technology market?

A – I have been very fortunate not to have had much interaction with our healthcare system, so my exposure to technology being used in clinics, wards and theatres is limited. My favourite experience working with tech and health is actually on the simpler ends of the spectrum. We’re working with many clients at the moment to make information sharing and data capture really simple. It’s that simple that paper is our main competitor. These projects are really bringing to light how ineffective we are at personalising the experience for the patient and my experiences completely echo that. This isn’t because our healthcare professionals aren’t doing a fantastic job of caring for us, they absolutely are! It’s that the system can’t be specific to us, it has to be general. We envisage a system that can tailor the information and data to an individual, making their interaction with their providers completely personal.

Q – How can utilising this technology benefit a hospital, patient or member of staff?

A – Our product is designed and built to bring together disparate systems, simplify and enhance communication and give great and intuitive experiences. All of these objectives are key in healthcare, whether you are a patient or a member of staff. You need easy access to the information that is relevant to you. As a patient, I want to know about my condition, when my next appointment is, where it is and how to get to the room its in. I want a personal experience and that is the power of digital. Using myday, a patient can get everything they need, on their mobile in a secure and controlled way. As a member of staff, I want on-the-go access to the systems that my employer provides, the simple things like payslips, rota, HR system, intranet. But, not just the link, I want it all to be relevant to me. Using myday, NHS employers can give their staff a completely personalised experience too. Whether that’s for the Nurses across all the different wards and in the community, for Doctors spread across multiple wards and departments, Physio’s, Allied Health Professionals, Porters, Cleaners, Receptionists and Managers; everyone deserves to be addressed individually and Collabco is the specialist at doing that.

Q – What’s the best part of working at Collabco, how does it compare to previous roles?

A – It doesn’t! Nowhere I have worked before comes anywhere near. Collabco is a fantastic place to work with really awesome people. What I really like is the openness and candidness of everyone here and the ability to get something done so quickly. The team is really eager to build an exceptional product and world-class digital environments for our customers. This really matters in the modern digital economy and it’s something which matters to me as a consumer as much as it does in business. We have a market-leading product, an innovative roadmap and most importantly the best team! It’s no cliché that in an SME, the people are everything.

Q – Do you have a passion/hobby outside of work?

A – Like a lot of people, I like to keep fit and enjoy being outdoors. My wife and I like to travel and over the last year or so we’ve been far and wide and seen some amazing places. To keep fit I like to play squash, I’m even thinking about joining the squash team at my local leisure centre. Probably won’t make the first team but hopefully, I can be of some use!

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