“Finance isn’t always about value for money”…


Welcome to Collabco’s face behind the logo series, where we give you an insight into the people behind myday. This time we sat down and had a coffee with Collabco’s Finance Manager, Sarah Nolan.

Q – So Sarah, When did you join Collabco and what attracted you to the company?

A – I joined Collabco on June 19th, over 8 months ago now.  If feels like I have been working here much longer but in a very positive way!  I was looking for a part-time role for a local company that I could align my working ethics, experience and goals alongside and Collabco fitted the bill.  It is a progressive-thinking, innovative, customer-focused business and as I come predominantly from a service background, I had the opportunity to bring my experience to the team but more excitingly to work alongside likeminded passionate individuals and learn new stuff along the way too.

Q – Tell us a bit more about your career history and why you ventured into Finance.

A – I started off my career as an accounts assistant before moving into various operational management roles.  It was at this point I moved away from operational management and studied for my ACMA accreditation and I became a chartered accountant in 2010.  My operational background has always been a great help as it gives me insight on how different areas of a business look at and interpret financial information and helps me to highlight ways that I can be of assistance.

Q – What are your thoughts on investing in technology from a ‘value for money’ perspective?

A – It is important to use technology where it assists and enhances the experience.  It is not always about VFM, although as an accountant VFM is always a focus, often it is more of an emphasis on engaging and providing the best customer experience and then looking at how do we do this efficiently and effectively.

Q – Could you give us your 3 best tips for keeping costs to a minimum in business?

  • Have a clear business strategy/vision – know what you want to achieve and plan for how you will do this.
  • Have a robust business plan/budget in place
  • Use advancements in technologies to harmonise and look for efficiencies 

Q – How much do you apply your career to everyday life and what advice could you give to others?

A – I maintain a budget (of course!) and try to keep track of what I am spending.  For annual costs, I always make sure I’m getting value for money and that it’s the best deal for me.  My advice to anybody would be to plan ahead and look to save what you can – even if only a small amount.

 Q – What’s your favourite thing to do when you switch off from work?

A – Updating my personal budget spreadsheet!  No seriously, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, walks in the park and playing games.  Also, a spa day and a glass of something bubbly is always a plus!