Collabco further growth in Cumbria with Furness College partnership


We are delighted to share that Furness College have recently partnered with us to implement the myday app and portal to their students. Furness are in good company and have joined Lakes College and Kendal College as well as the University of Cumbria as myday users in the county.

The college identified the need for a mobile and portal solution as they wanted to find new ways to engage with their learners and bring all academic and college resources into one easy to use place. The pandemic and the requirement for remote learning further highlighted the need for this solution so the college chose myday.

myday was chosen because it integrates all of the resources and information into one central location, easily accessible on any device as well as a native mobile app with push notifications. Regardless of location, whether on campus or off, all students and staff have the same access to resources and experiences whilst enrolled at the college.

Implementing the app will enable the college to engage further with their users. Much more targeted messages can be communicated to specific sub-sets of students rather than mass communications which could lead to disengagement. The college now has the ability to send personalised push notifications to students based on what course they are on as well as their interests.  This will ensure students stay engaged throughout their learning journey at the college.

The team at Furness have exciting plans for the future of their platform – through the extensibility of myday Enhanced, new features can be added seamlessly without any disruption to the user.

“We are pleased to welcome Furness College and continue our partnership with FE colleges across the county, helping them deliver seamless and connected access to all academic and college resources, regardless of location or device. I’m really excited to see what they achieve with myday.” Comments Daniel Taylor, Sales Director at Collabco.

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