Collabco announces four new FE college partnerships!


Collabco are thrilled to announce we will be working closely with Brighton, Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC), Craven College, North East Surrey College of Technology (NESCOT) and Newcastle and Stafford College Group (NSCG). Each college has selected myday because the app enables them to engage with their students using innovative methods to target every student according to their individual needs.

BHASVIC required a central portal for all their student information without multiple logins in different places. They wanted to engage with their students; they currently don’t have an app, so communicate with students via email, leaving some messages unread or missed completely. The app will allow the college to communicate and engage with students instantly via push notifications and allow students to access information from any location with their mobile phone.

Similarly, Craven College found communication with their students challenging because there were too many access points and logins. They needed a central place to include vital resources such as student support. myday also gives the college the ability to send push notifications to students that are relevant to their course and interests.

NESCOT recognised the importance of students being able to find vital information as soon as they logged on. Students were required to go to different places to find things they needed. myday will give the college the ability to pull high-level information into myday that students can see and access without the need to login elsewhere.

NSCG identified the need for a solution that they can develop on and display information in the way their current portal does but via a mobile app as well.  Their current platform relies on many SMS messages being sent to all students resulting in tremendous costs. myday will reduce the need to send SMS messages to all students. Using a combination of the myday alerts infrastructure and their own systems, the college can send push notifications to app users, and SMS to those who aren’t. This will reduce the amount of SMS needed to be sent to students and will result in significant cost savings. The college liked that the myday App will give the college a new way to communicate and engage with students quickly via push notifications and allow students access to key information and resources from any location with their phone.

Each College were impressed by how myday brings all the resources and information into one central location on any device and native mobile App. This joined-up experience offers the ability for users regardless of location to have the same access to resources and experiences.

Principal Lindsey Johnson from Craven College has used myday at a previous college and saw the benefits it was able to bring very quickly which is what she was after, the app will offer a new avenue to communications and be able to push alerts to students that will be received more easily than emails.

“Collabco are ecstatic to be extending our FE College base we currently have with four fantastic Colleges and looking forward working closely with each of them to achieve their individual goals and to fulfil their potential using myday.” Comments Daniel Taylor, Sales Director at Collabco.