Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) brought on board!


BNU partner with Collabco on their myday portal and app as well selecting the attendance monitoring system.

Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) have chosen Collabco to provide the myday student portal and app to their users. The university sought a solution that allowed them to implement a digital attendance monitoring system alongside an app and portal that displayed key information from all other university systems.

BNU also wanted to enhance their communications and shift away from expensive SMS and email communication channels and appeal to students using channels which match their behaviour and device usage. Additionally, as the university were adapting to blending learning, their existing attendance capture solution was no longer fit for purpose and didn’t work in a wholly digital and blended learning future. They therefore required an attendance solution that would work across all learning settings and be flexible for all learning types including lectures, seminars and practical sessions.

The university liked that the new attendance monitoring system would generate random and secure one-time codes for students to input to record their attendance, as well as give university teams the ability to monitor attendance far more effectively. Through targeted communications in myday, a more targeted and bespoke interaction with the institution will be offered which will improve the student experience.

Daniel Taylor, Sales Director at Collabco says of the new partnership “We are delighted to welcome BNU on-board. The team and I are excited to continue our successful partnerships with leading UK HE institutions with BNU and look forward to supporting them to deliver a leading student experience in August.”

The university team liked the attendance offering as well as the simplicity and flexibility the overall myday product offered. Also, the fact that myday can cover the full student journey from applicant to alumni was appealing to them, so much so that during phase two of their implementation they are planning to integrate their enrolment portal to strengthen the prospective student experience. We can’t wait to see how they get on.

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